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Please read carefully the rules for using the site's services and the General Terms and Conditions. Each user is bound by these General Terms and Conditions for the entire time of use of the Site - from the initial entry until leaving it.

These "General Terms and Conditions" regulate the relationship between the merchant and the users of electronic (internet) pages and services located on the domain THAISPA.BG (called "Site" for short) and the Merchant, as well as the conditions for purchasing goods through the electronic store located of the Site, owned by "THAI SPA BG" EOOD, EIK/PIK 204625282 with management address in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, 2A Topli Dol Street, entrance 1, apartment 16, e-mail:

These conditions bind the merchant and all users who, by marking each object, link or button located on the pages of THAISPA.BG (with the exception of the link to these "General Terms and Conditions"), agree, fully accept and undertake to comply these Terms and Conditions.

These "Terms and Conditions" are posted prominently on the Website

and are available to every user.

The merchant reserves the right to change the conditions at any time without prior notice, and the changed conditions will be published on the Site and at any moment of confirmation by the customer that he accepts the conditions, he has accepted the current ones.

1. Subject matter and definitions of the General Terms and Conditions

1.1. The "Site" is THAISPA.BG - an e-commerce website, through which users and buyers can inform themselves about the goods sold, select and purchase the displayed goods, according to the published conditions.

1.2. "Content" is:

1.2.1 All information displayed on the Website that can be viewed through the use of an electronic device;

1.2.2 The content of all e-mails sent to the User by the Merchant by means of electronic means and/or any other means of communication;

1.2.3 Any other information to the User received by an employee of the merchant, regardless of the method of communication, e-mail, written messages or through the transmission of voice data;

1.2.4 Information related to products, services and/or fees displayed by the merchant on the site in a certain period of time;

1.4. "User" or "Client" is any natural person, legal entity or other legal entity acting, through its representative and owning or gaining access to the Content of the site through any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) both in order to makes orders and buys the offered goods, as well as only for viewing the content of the site.

1.5. "Items", "Products", or "Goods" are the goods offered for purchase through the Site.

1.6. "Service" is an electronic commercial service performed on the publicly accessible parts of the Internet page, with the aim of providing the User with the opportunity to purchase products and/or services using only electronic means, including means of distance communication (e.g. telephone, standard letter , Internet, e-mail, etc.).

1.7. "Order" is an individual request for the purchase of the selected Item(s) or Product(s), according to the conditions provided for on the Site regarding the method of delivery and payment by the User. The order is an act that the User makes freely, of his own choice and binds him with the force of a contract between the User and the Merchant.

1.8. "Confirmation" is the process during which an employee of the Merchant confirms the Order placed by the User, the confirmation being done by telephone and then the Merchant sends a summary with the details of the Order - individual items, quantity, unit prices and total price - to the electronic e-mail of the User, if the latter has provided one.

1.9. "Order Value" is the total value of the Items in the user's basket at the time the Order is placed. The value of the order includes the transport costs, except in the cases described on the Site in the "Delivery" menu.

1.10. "Delivery value" is the value of the transportation service of the Articles from the confirmed order to the specified and confirmed address of the User. The value of the delivery is determined according to item 4.3. from the General Terms and Conditions.

1.11. "Merchant" is "THAI SPA BG" EOOD, EIK/PIK 204625282 with a management address in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria Blvd. 60A, e-mail: The trader is a legal entity, established according to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, which presents the information about the sold items through the electronic site and which, after acceptance and confirmation of the order by the user, ensures its delivery to the address indicated by the user on the site on the territory of the country.

1.12 "Contract" is the document that materializes the essential terms of the confirmed order and which is sent by the merchant to the user, and a copy of which is handed over to the user at the latest at the time of delivery of the goods, the subject of the order.

2. General conditions

2.1. This Document defines the general conditions under which the User may use the Website / Site Content/, in the event that no other valid agreement exists between the Merchant and the User.

2.2. The use, including but not limited to accessing, visiting and viewing the Content of the Site, assumes that the User has familiarized himself with these general conditions and accepts them, except in cases where the given content has mentioned special conditions.

2.3. Access to the Services provided by the Merchant through the electronic site is possible only and exclusively through the publicly accessible website THAISPA.BG.

2.4. The user bears responsibility for his actions and their consequences when using the information and possibilities of the site for his actions and given confirmations or refusals.

2.5. If the User does not agree and/or does not accept and/or revoke his consent to these general conditions, it follows that the person refuses access to Services that the trader offers through his Internet page and will not make orders through electronic access and will not to confirm such without limiting his ability to view the content of the site.

2.5.1. Any user may at any time change his decision to accept or reject this document, as it is available at the time of the decision, and the conditions for disagreement under item 2.5 or the current general conditions at the time of their acceptance will apply.

2.6. The user can at any time agree and accept the General Terms and Conditions regardless of whether he previously accepted them or waived them.

2.7. The refusal to accept the general terms and conditions should not be formal, while the acceptance of the general terms and conditions is done through a declaration of will in electronic form, materialized by activating a button with an inscription that expresses the user's agreement that he accepts the general terms and conditions, and this binds the user/customer to observe them.

2.8. The customer cannot withdraw his consent to the general terms and conditions with retroactive effect while the contractual relationship is in force or until he has paid all his obligations under orders placed.

2.9. This Internet page is addressed only to Users who have reached the age of 18 and are able to independently form a will and fulfill the obligations according to the General Terms and Conditions and the confirmed order.

3. Prices

3.1. The merchant has the right to change the prices of the goods offered on the site at his own discretion without prior notice.

3.2. The user is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of the order and confirmation of the same before a representative of the merchant.

3.3. The announcement of reduced prices is done by placing the new price next to the old one that has been crossed out. If no term of the reduced price is specified, this price is valid until the quantities are exhausted, but not more than 1 month or 6 months, in the following cases: 1. full or partial sale of the stock at the sale of the commercial outlet; 2. full or partial sale of stock;

3.4. The Merchant undertakes to deliver the Goods requested for purchase to the address specified by the User within the time specified in the delivery information and subject to the conditions for this.

3.5. The user undertakes:

3.5.1. To provide correct information during registration, information for issuing a reporting document and address for receiving the ordered items.

3.5.2. To pay the price of the ordered goods.

3.5.3. To pay the delivery costs, according to item 4.3 of the General Terms and Conditions.

3.5.4. To provide an opportunity to receive the goods upon their delivery. If the User does not provide an opportunity to receive the goods at the specified address, the trader is released from his obligation to carry out the requested delivery again. Subsequent delivery costs will be at the expense of the user and are paid separately.

3.6. The final amount due is the sum of all the individual products you have ordered, plus the cost of delivery. All prices include VAT, and delivery costs are not included in item prices.

3.7. Transport costs and all their specifics are mentioned in detail on the Site in the "Delivery" field and are carried out under the conditions that were in effect at the time of confirmation of the request.

3.8 When placing an order, the customer is obliged to leave his basic data - name, phone, address, e-mail. The customer agrees to have his email added to ThaiSpa's customer list, to which news and promotions are periodically sent.

4. Terms of shopping

4.1. Registration.

Registration is recommended when shopping through the THAISPA.BG page. It is necessary to fill in registration fields in which correct data necessary for the execution of the order such as delivery protocols, valid address, telephone number and e-mail address are indicated.

4.2. An order. Orders are accepted 24/7 via the THAISPA.BG website or by e-mail at

Orders received by 2:00 PM on a weekday are processed the same day. Orders received after 14:00 on a weekday are processed the next day. Orders received on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on holidays, are processed on the next business day. After receiving an order, a representative of the merchant will contact you at the contacts you specified to confirm the order and clarify additional details about it. The merchant is under no obligation to maintain stock of every single item it sells.

4.3.1. The delivery term for the territory of the whole of Bulgaria is until the end of the next working day, after confirmation of the order. For settlements that the courier visits according to schedule - the deadline can be extended by 2 to 3 days. The deadline is for informational purposes only and failure to comply shall not constitute grounds for making claims for compensation, price reduction or cancellation of the order.

4.3.2. In case of untimely delivery, the trader does not owe a penalty to the customer, and the latter, in turn, reserves the right to refuse the order.

4.3.3. Refusal to receive ordered and delivered goods.

A customer who ordered a product/s through the Site and received the same by mail, courier or other type of transport, has the right to refuse to receive the order or part of it after it has already been delivered to him, only in the following cases: During transportation, the goods or their packaging were damaged. The delivered goods clearly do not correspond to the ones ordered by the customer. The price that the User should pay does not correspond to the price at confirmation of the order. Complaints on the above-mentioned points are made only at the time of delivery. In the cases listed above, the costs of returning the item are covered by prior agreement by both parties or only one, depending on the reasons for the return.

4.3.4 The user has the right to withdraw from the contract without stating a reason, without owing compensation or a penalty and without paying any costs, except for the costs provided for in 54, par. 3 (when the user has explicitly chosen a method of delivery of the goods other than the cheapest type of standard delivery offered by the trader) and art. 55 (when the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal from the distance contract or the off-premises contract and when the trader has not offered to collect the goods himself, the consumer must send or hand over the goods back to the trader or to a person authorized by him without undue delay and no later than 14 days, counting from the date on which the consumer notified the merchant of his decision to withdraw from the contract under Article 52) of the Consumer Protection Act within 14 days, counting from the date of: 1 conclusion of the contract - in the case of a contract for services; 2. acceptance of the goods by the consumer.

The user does not have the right to refuse a prepaid service that has expired or of which he has used part/parts.

4.4. Complaint.

In the event that the User receives the goods in a form inconsistent with the sales contract or the trader has delivered other goods other than the one ordered, then in the first case the Trader will bring it into conformity with the contract, and if this is impossible, he will replace it with another one at his expense and upon consent of the user or if this is not possible, will refund the money to the User.

Bringing the consumer goods into compliance with the sales contract must be carried out within one month, counted from the submission of the complaint by the consumer.

To submit a complaint/suggestion, please use our online form here .

4.5. Payment methods.

The value of each order is confirmed before delivery. The customer pays the value of the order, regardless of whether he receives free delivery or not (for more details, see the "Delivery" menu). Payment for orders can be made in several ways:

4.5.1. Cash/cash on delivery. To the courier who will deliver the goods, you pay the value of your order without additional fees other than the specified final value of the order on the site.

4.5.2. By bank transfer - the customer pays the value of the order to the specified bank account. The order will be fulfilled after receiving the money transfer to the Merchant's account.

4.5.3. For each order over BGN 1,500, after confirmation, the user must also pay a deposit of 50% of the value of the order by bank transfer. The remaining part of the payment must be transferred again by bank transfer before the receipt of the goods by the consumer.

For more information, please go to "Payments"

. This option can be selected from the home page of the site.

4.6 Request/reserve an appointment for a procedure

4.6.1 The User has the right to reserve an appointment (make a request) and reserve a certain time range and date in which to use the services provided by the MERCHANT.

4.6.2 The user reserves an appointment by email, phone call or online using the form provided on the site or on the site's partners. If he makes the reservation online or by email, the user will receive a confirmation email of the reserved time range and date for the procedure he has selected.

4.6.3 In case of a reserved time that is not canceled at least 24 hours earlier, the User owes 50% of the amount according to the reserved procedure.

5. Product return.

5.1. The user has the right to return a product purchased by him from the THAISPA.BG online store within fourteen working days of receiving the delivery, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 55 of the Civil Code. The goods must be complete, in their original packaging, with accompanying documentation and accessories and in good commercial condition. In this case, the User has the right to receive back the amount he paid for the products ordered from the Site. In order to be returned, the purchased product should be in good commercial condition, without any signs of mechanical and/or other impacts (impacts, cracks, scratches, peeling, etc.) and with the integrity of the packaging preserved, as the returned product it should be complete with its accompanying accessories and documents, if any. The return of the goods in such cases is at the expense of the user.

In order to exercise this right of refusal, it is necessary for the User to contact the Merchant on the phone indicated on the site where he placed the order and provide the order number, his three names and a bank account in the Republic of Bulgaria to which the payments will be transferred for accepted order amounts. If he does not have a bank account, he should indicate three names and an address for returning the amount paid by postal order. The user will be informed of the address to which the returned goods should be sent together with the accompanying documents and accessories.

All costs incurred by the User in connection with the "Product Return" service, related to the return of the purchased product, including, but not limited to, the value of transport and/or courier costs, bank commissions and all other costs beyond the price of the purchased product, remain at the expense of the User.

The paid price of the product will be refunded by the Site within 14 days to the User's bank account. In the event that the User does not have a specified bank account, the price paid for the product will be refunded by postal order.

Each returned product is examined by the Merchant in order to establish the presence or absence of the prerequisites according to these conditions.

The review of the product returned by the User is carried out by three employees of the merchant, for which a finding protocol is drawn up.

The merchant refuses to refund the price paid, in the event that during the examination of the returned product, it is found that any of the requirements according to the present conditions are not met, if such is found in the finding protocol.

The merchant does not assume and does not bear any responsibility in the event that during the performance of the "Product Return" service through the use of courier services, any violations of the commercial type and set of products occur, including those that occurred in result of mechanical and any other effects during transportation.

5.2 Vouchers
Voucher Terms and Conditions:
In order to use a voucher, it is necessary to reserve a massage appointment on a certain date. Reservations can be made both by email and by phone from the site.
Purchased massage vouchers are valid for 4 months from the date of purchase. After this period, the voucher is invalid.
Purchased vouchers are nominal and cannot be assigned without the express consent of the SELLER.
If a reservation is made for a massage with a voucher and the person using the voucher does not show up, the voucher is invalid and can no longer be used.
A voucher class can be canceled or rebooked up to 2 times, after which the voucher becomes invalid.

6. Copyright and Security

6.1. The user has no right to:

6.1.1. To copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or parts of the Site, without the express permission of the merchant.

6.1.2. To use automated systems to load (download) any information from THAISPA.BG.

6.1.3. To overload the system with fictitious requests or other information (flood).

6.1.4. To use a copy or photo (screenshot) of THAISPA.BG, without express permission of the Site.

7. Liability

7.1. The Merchant is not responsible for any individual or legal entity that uses the Content from the site.

7.2. The merchant is not responsible for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental or otherwise) arising as a result of use or inability to use information about the type of content presented on the Internet page or for any errors or omissions in the Content that may lead to harm.

7.3. If a User believes that Content sent in any way by the Site infringes a copyright or other right, he/she can contact the merchant through the available contact details so that the latter can make an informed decision.

7.4. The Merchant does not guarantee Users access to the Website and does not grant the right to download and partially or fully change, reproduce Content, partially or fully copy, use Content in any other way or transfer it to third parties, without express written consent merchant's consent.

7.5. The merchant is not responsible for the content, quality or type of other Internet pages reached through Internet links from the content of our Internet page, regardless of the type of links. The responsibility for these websites is fully assumed by their owners.

7.6. The site bears no responsibility in case of use of web pages and/or content sent to Users by any means (electronic, telephone, other), via web pages, e-mail or Site employees, when the use of the content may harm or generate any damages to the User and/or third parties bound in the transmission of the content.

8. Irresistible force

8.1. Except where expressly stated otherwise, each party to a contract which is still in force shall not be liable for failure to perform, in whole or in part, and/or where the obligations are outside the terms of the contract, in the event that the failure to perform of the obligations occurred as a result of force majeure.

8.2. The party invoking force majeure must immediately and comprehensively notify the other party of the occurrence of the event and take measures to prevent it in order to limit its consequences.

8.3. The party or its legal representative who relies on the event described above is released from liability only if the event that occurs prevents him from performing the contract in good faith.

8.4. If within 15 days from the moment of occurrence of the event, it cannot be overcome, each of the parties has the right to ask the other to terminate the contract without any of the parties being responsible for damages.

8.5. The party that invokes force majeure must prove its inability to fulfill its obligations within 30 days of the occurrence of the event, but only within the framework of Art. 9.3.

9. Litigation

9.1. Any disputes in relation to these General Terms and Conditions that may arise between the User and the trader will be resolved through negotiations and by mutual agreement, and in the absence of such an agreement, will be decided by the competent court in the Republic of Bulgaria.

9.3. The Merchant shall not be liable for any damages, lost profits, costs, claims or other liabilities if they occur due to non-compliance with these General Terms.

9.4. Any disputes that may arise between the User and the Merchant will be resolved by mutual agreement. In the event that this is not possible, they will be referred to the competent court in the Republic of Bulgaria, in accordance with Bulgarian legislation.

9.5. If any of the terms or provisions mentioned above is or is found to be invalid or invalid for any reason, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

10. Final Provisions

10.1. The Merchant reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms and any changes to the Website, its structure and the Services, including changes that would affect the Website and/or its content, without prior notification to the Users.

10.2. The merchant is not responsible for any errors that may appear on the website for any reason, including those caused by changes, settings, etc., not made by the website administrator.

10.3. The site reserves the right to publish advertising banners of any kind and/or links on any part of the Internet page, in accordance with current legislation.

11. Images

11.1 The images on the Site are illustrative and there may be discrepancies with the goods they represent.

11.2 The site does not accept complaints due to differences between the images and the actual goods sold.